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Hi guys,

I am looking for tool for visual testing. Project's automation language is php. I've heard about gemini on selenium camp as good one for visual testing. So could you answer on next questions:

  1. Is there any option out of the box to use it with web driver on php ?
  2. If no then what web driver you are using with Gemini
  3. Is it possible to connect it with Selenium grid
  4. I didn't see in example any assertion so how can I use it with CI(Bamboo for example) and see results like pass/fail. Is this plugin solve the issue ? - Plugin for Gemini which enables reporting test result
  5. What locators strategy does it use ? all or only css
  6. Did you share you automation framework somewhere(I mean page object/html object etc)
  7. Are you using it in Yandex for UI regression ? :))
  8. How to use it for visual testing on mobile devices
  9. How to exclude some object from comparing - Example whole body without video player.
  10. Is there any issues with iframes
  11. Are you using GraphicsMagick for image processing ?
  12. Am I right that all I need is give the locator on element I do not need to write what properties to compare like in Web Driver
  13. If test created for chrome can I reuse it for firefox ?I mean screenshots
  14. If I have design of element can I use it in the tests as baseline?
  15. Is there solution out of box for viewport I mean if content exceeds screen size will gemeni auto scroll it and glue it in one ?
  16. Is there any option for comparing level adjustmant - like pixel to pixel/ lower/ the lowest etc.
  17. Is there option to give coordinates instead of locator to compare

Currently that it, thanks for your answers in advance